Our Top 10 Mobile Ad Tech Posts from 2016: Part One

Glipsa GLobal Group looking back at top mobile ad tech blogs

As we move forward into a new year, we’d also like to look back at some of our thought- and industry-leading content within the mobile ad tech space. This is the first in a two-part series where we highlight some of our most insightful content from 2016. So, sit back and browse through the first 5 we’ve hand selected as your personal ad tech reading list.

How to Maximize Your App’s Potential Using Data

Learn how to steadily improve your app's performance and maximize user experience based on observations from app usage. Discover the Why, What, Where and When behind using data analysis to maximize your app's potential. Our VP Strategy & GM Israel, Itamar Benedy explains in this insightful piece.

When will Programmatic Mobile Native Finally Take Off?

Native ads have been found to drive much higher engagement rates on mobile than on desktop. However, despite a growing popularity, we have yet to see the kind of rapid, programmatic growth experienced by other mobile ad formats like video and interstitials. Why is this the case, and when can we expect to see mobile native ads being served programmatically at scale? Our VP Media Operations and one of our top mobile experts, Robert Wildner, explains.

Global Growth Opportunity: The Rise of Mobile & m-Commerce in the Southeast Asian Tiger Cub Economies

To the untrained observer, smaller Asian markets might seem indistinguishable, but many of these countries are experiencing a period of growth and development. We take a look at why Southeast Asia is the next digital frontier and what's in store for the region's mobile economy.

How to Build the Right Social Influencer Mobile Marketing Campaign

Interested in working with social influencers as part of your marketing approach? Commercial Director at Glispa and Head of VOLTU, our social influencer network, Samantha Turner, debunks the myth that influencer marketing is run as a pure-play brand activity—what many marketers don't realize is that they can achieve performance goals with these partners.

Growing Technical Architecture at Glispa: Five Lessons Learned

This was the first installment in our new Tech at Heart series, where we look at topics surrounding our operational and advertising technology at Glispa. In the piece, our VP Technology, Bastian Quilitz, talks about the challenges tech companies face as they grow and scale their IT infrastructure to manage and crunch large amounts of data.