Indonesia’s #1 online and mobile marketplace


mCommerce, Indonesia

The challenge:

Indonesia’s #1 online and mobile marketplace, Tokopedia, offers a platform for small and medium businesses to sell their products. The company currently facilitates over 15 million item sales per month. Tokopedia presented Glispa with two challenges:

  • To reach more sellers to post their ads
  • To reach users to respond to those ads, converting them from users into purchasers

The solution:

Using a sustainable campaign, which typically lasts a few months, Glispa implemented three stages:

  • To begin, Glispa discussed goals with Tokopedia in order to set a benchmark which is then used to measure the success of the campaign.
  • A customized distribution plan with Glispa’s premium publishers was then created to generate downloads from the right type of users for the app.
  • Glispa’s experienced, Southeast Asia-focused team ran the campaign, making use of data insights from the Glispa Audience Platform.

The results:

  • Up to 25% purchase rate within 30 days on Android
  • Over 76,000 downloads on Android
  • Up to 70% purchase rate within 30 days on iOS
  • Over 11,000 downloads on iOS