Somewhere Between Tech and Techno: The glispa Berlin Guide


Back in 2004, Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit described the city as ‘poor, but sexy’. While the city has changed a lot in the last 12 years, the former mayor’s tagline still rings true. Berlin’s popularity continues to soar, and the city’s prospects along with it. Not only tourists flock to the Capital of Cool, sending the number of overnight stays through the roof; its population is growing by hundreds of thousands of new residents per year. And it’s not just Germans moving northeast to the capital: as many as 17% of Berlin’s residents don’t hold a German passport. As Berlin opens itself up to the world, the city becomes more diverse.

A New Side of Berlin is Attracting Expats

In the past, the city’s creative scene, alternative culture and low cost of living attracted artists, musicians and writers. At the same time, the huge and diverse selection of nightlife options on offer, not least the world-famous techno clubs, appealed to a lot of young expats from around the world. On top of this, the city’s high quality of life, including many green spaces, quick access to the countryside, and relatively uncrowded public spaces appealed to those in search of a slower pace of life. Now Berlin is attracting another type of resident: young multinationals looking to work in the tech startup industry.

What makes Berlin a unique place for these new types of workers is how seamlessly the startup scene fits into the city’s culture. It exists alongside the thriving creative scene, the thumping nightclubs, and the sombre history still visible in the central districts. It has not come to dominate the city, and has not changed its unique appeal. According to glispa Founder & CEO, Gary Lin, this is what makes Berlin an attractive option for tech workers. It lies somewhere between tech and techno.

“Berlin really has a unique combination of factors which make it, in my opinion, the ideal place to found and grow a tech startup. However, the best aspect is that while the tech industry is thriving, it has not taken over the city in any way. Berlin has retained its cool image because the tech startups have been able to sync up to the city’s vibe so well.”
- Gary Lin, Founder and CEO of glispa.

Full Steam Ahead with the Berlin Guide

In typical Berlin style, the hype shows no sign of fading. According to some statistics, a new startup is founded in Berlin every 20 hours, and there are lots of jobs available. If reading this has got your feet itching, why not take a look at what Berlin has to offer?

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on living in Berlin, covering everything from visa requirements to finding an apartment to the best döner kebab in town. Check out or download the full, free glispa guide here or below, and see if we have a position that might be a good fit for you on our jobs page.

The Berlin guide is available to download for free here:


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