Glispa Performance Network

Drive mobile engagement to acquire high-quality users, cost-effectively and at scale with our
gNative, gPerform and gBoost solutions.


Native Ad Solution

Increase customer lifetime value with monetization solutions and native ad placements.

Our exclusive native ad placements allow advertisers to reach high-quality users through targeted, highly-relevant native ads which are seamlessly integrated into app navigation. This direct and untapped ad inventory reaches hundreds of millions of mobile users in a controlled and brand-safe environment.

  • Exclusive ad placements that deliver high-quality customers
  • Transparent and brand-safe portfolio of global apps
  • Custom native formats that achieve high user acceptance & engagement
  • Advanced targeting capabilities to ensure audience relevance


User Acquisition Network

Drive valuable consumers to your app, cost effectively and at scale.
We measure each engagement and constantly optimize to improve.

Our user acquisition solution provides advertisers with engaged new users through access to a global and diverse network of mobile publishers. We are constanly optimizing campaigns based on post-install engagement data by our Quality Optimization Engine.

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  • Extensive reach of over 2 billion mobile profiles globally
  • Transparent media plans to strategically activate high quality audiences
  • Engaging ad formats that drive ROI
  • Data-driven campaign optimization using real-time post-install data imported into our Quality Optimization Engine
  • Compliant traffic verification through proprietary and third party fraud identification technology
  • Risk-free performance model (CPI/CPA) with dynamic pricing to match source level quality
  • Expert creative team to develop engaging ads (in-app units, intersititials, video)
  • Deep integrations with all leading third-party mobile tracking providers


App Ranking Solution

Boost your mobile app to the top of the charts, getting thousands of new users quickly and cost-effectively.

Our gBoost solution gets your app in front of a large and engaged audience, boosting it to the top of the app store rankings, thereby increasing visibility and resulting in thousands of organic downloads, significantly reducing your eCPI.

  • Improve visibility in app stores to drive organic users into your app
  • Organic users lead to lower eCPIs and improved app monetization
  • Archieve greater exposure and rank higher than the competition
  • Rank guarantees available for specific categories and markets