Fraud happens

Fraud is just as much a part of the mobile industry as cybersecurity is of the internet, and it is constantly becoming more sophisticated. To be equipped to combat fraud, you have to find the right partner who is transparent, has tech solutions in place, and prioritizes your interests at every step of the process.

Our approach

At Glispa, we pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach with continuous, advanced analysis to ensure the highest quality of traffic. Our team is dedicated to making sure KPIs are properly aligned with both our advertisers and publishers, and that our technology is exceeding the industry standards set by our trusted tracking partners.

A force field of tech + humans

We combine a tech and human approach to support you in detecting and preventing fraud. Our system tracks, identifies and flags suspicious traffic to optimize your inventory on a placement level. While our in-house team is 100% focused on compliance, working with MMPs to proactively identify uncommon patters and data deviation that reveal fraud.

Fraud detection methods

Click to install time

We monitor time-to-install data dependent on app category, market and demographics

VPN Anonymous

Our tech crosses data from various VPN servers and share of anonymous devices

Bot Traffic

We protect against click spamming, click injection and fake installs by closely monitoring the funnel from beginning to end

Device Language

We flag when there is an increase in downloads from devices set with foreign languages

Device type / names

We identify when there is a high repetition of device names and a high share of low-cost types of devices

Payout Manipulation

By having a close relationship with our publishers, we are able to have access to disclosed payouts


Expired app installs

We closely track the share of installs that are not available on the App Store or PlayStore

Out of geo installs

We detect clicks from outside target geos and automatically flag the installs


We identify re-brokered sources from clients that are running direct and block

Wrong creatives

We have access to a tool that scans the market with links and creatives