Fraud prevention by design

It’s not a secret anymore that playable ads are a true performance accelerator for your mobile campaign. With more marketers favoring the ad format, it has unraveled more uses than you might think.

Ad fraud is estimated to cost advertisers $19 billion in 2018. How can you make sure it doesn’t hit you? Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. In this series of infographics, we shed the light on the unexpected perks of playables. First up, find out how playables happen to help you combat ad fraud and succeed with your mobile campaign.

About the author

Roy Engel

Head of Strategic Growth, Glispa

Roy is a full-stack mobile marketing expert in the field of mobile ad-fraud, social user acquisition, and re-targeting. He's particularly passionate about evolving and innovative industry technologies, creative ad formats, and growing performance-based marketing programs through strategic planning and tactical execution.

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