Leverage data to re-engage your audience with personalized ads in the right time

Effective user acquisition is only half the battle for marketing teams. Existing users retention rates constantly drop over time. Our retargeting solution leverages your existing user intent data, through machine learning to drive specific actions, move users deeper in your app funnel or familiarize them with new products they’re likely to buy. Enhance your cost efficiency with programmatic bidding on users according to their probability to convert. Show them personalized offers based on their past behaviour and predictive models. Use deep links to lead your users to engaging landing pages according to their interests to shorten the way to your desired re-engagement actions.

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Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Real-time creation of granular user segments, based on their past activity, so that you can instantly retarget all and only the relevant users for your offering.

Personalized & Interactive Ads

Show your users the most relevant ads based on their past behaviour and predicted future intent. Take advantage of a wide range of ad formats like banners, native, video and interactive rich media.

Dynamic Price Optimization

Give the right price, for the right user, at the right time, utilizing our proprietary optimization algorithms. Fulfil your budgets effectively, getting more value out of your users.


Dedicated support

A dedicated agent from our client success team is responsible for creating a campaign strategy, exclusively for your business model, running and optimizing your campaigns.


Full access to your campaigns key metrics and insights. No hidden costs. Know exactly where your ads are shown.

Premium inventory

Get access to more than 1 trillion mobile, in-app ads, from verified, brand-safe partners. Full transparency on the traffic sources.

Quality assurance and compliance

We fully comply with all the industry standards on fraud prevention, viewability, and data privacy, while using both in-house & 3rd party solution, and maintaining complete transparency

Plug & play solutions

No effort or any new integrations required from your side.

+ Combine Solutions

Create compelling and engaging playable ads for higher conversion and better user experiences

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