Office Mascots: Introducing Xuxa

When Xuxa passes by your desk and stares at you, you’re drawn deep into her big questioning eyes. You pause and wonder. You try to understand her. But can’t. You decide to accept that. You reach out to pet fur. Makes you feel present. And good. She charges you up while you charge your devices, click to log in, check your phone, type Java, ring people, ping people.

When Xuxa scavenges through the Glispa office in Tel Aviv, her searching glance makes many of us reach out to her, and have this comfortable moment of mutuality. This is how she adds to the strong bonds we have in the Glispa team. While we work and laugh together across the office, no bark echoes with it. Xuxa brings the zen moment.

It has become natural to have her around ever since Sharon brought her to the office for the first time: “I needed to travel with her right after work one day, so I asked to bring her in. She has been behaving so well, following me wherever I go, that others even feel intimidated bringing their dog.” This is how each one of us shapes the Glispa team.

With Xuxa, Sharon brings Tel Avivian culture to office. For Tel Avivians, it is absolutely natural to take their dog everywhere. There are even special beaches for dogs and 70 dog parks; one happens to be right in front of the office, of course. The city considers itself the world’s friendliest city for dogs, having the most dogs per capita in the world. In the last few years, it has become a huge trend to rescue a dog, especially among millennials, in the spirit of making a difference.

Sharon rescued Xuxa two years ago by coincidence: “I was passing Meir Park, where a rescue shelter brings abandoned dogs each week to find a new owner. I took her for a walk, and immediately felt I have to keep her.”

When Xuxa is not in the office, Sharon gets notifications via Dogiz, an app that helps you find dog walkers in your area. Her dog walker sends her notifications every time Xuxa gets picked up from home and gets back.

Name: Xuxa (pronounced: Shousha)

Breed: Mixed

Age: 8, Senior dog

Daytime Spot: Glispa Tel Aviv office

Owner: Sharon