Office Mascots: Introducing Umi

Meet Office Mascot at Glispa, Umi

We’re excited to share our next Office Mascots feature! In this series, we take a look at how dogs in the office enhance workplace culture at Glispa’s Berlin HQ. In the past, we’ve introduced our loving labrador, the tech department’s laid-back pug, the office charmer, and a Venezuelan poodle. And today, we’ll be introducing: Umi, an energetic pup who also resides in our tech department. We spoke with her dad, Dmitry, to find out why her presence in the office makes a difference.

Name: Umi

Breed: Mix of Labrador and Husky

Age: 1.5 years young

Daytime spot: Tech Department

Favorite food: That’s a hard one to answer... She likes all types of food, but her favorite is probably dried meat

Best trick: Dancing & catching

Hobbies: Gnawing at everything… and she likes to play and run around

Owner: Dmitry

When we asked Dmitry why he decided to bring Umi to work, he answered, “because she is very friendly and likes to meet new people.” And we’re happy he chose to do so. He also made the point that she, like many dogs, prefer to be out and about every day rather than stuck at home. Since she’s at the office with him, Dmitry is able to take her out for walks a couple of times a day and it’s a nice break for the both of them.

His favorite part of having Umi in the office is the comfort of knowing she is around, plus seeing her engage with everyone that stops by his desk. We have a lot of people speaking different languages in our tech department, and “Umi helps to weaken language and cultural barriers, bringing people together and encouraging everyone to learn how to communicate with one another in unique ways."

We were quick to recognize that having dogs in our HQ would be a benefit for everyone. Apart from being able to stop and play with dogs whenever you need a 5-minute brain break, they contribute to stress reduction and increased productivity (studies back this up). Dmitry attests to this, saying that his colleagues’ attitudes after playing with Umi for a bit are more positive and energetic: “Umi is very kind and cheerful, and she absorbs any negative or tired energy like a sponge.”

So thank you Umi for always putting a smile on our faces and a pep in our step! Stay tuned—we’ll be introducing the next Glispa Pup soon.