Office Mascots: Introducing Rodney

Rodney, the office pug, preoccupied at work

We’re back with the next edition of Office Mascots! We’ve mentioned how office dogs can improve productivity, reduce stress and play a positive role in office politics. It’s become commonplace among startups and tech giants around the world to find our fluffy compatriots roaming around the office and we’re proud to include ourselves in this group.

How has having dogs in the office changed the working environment at Glispa Global Group’s Berlin HQ? Last month, we interviewed Claudia about our residential, lovable lab and we’re excited to present to you: Rodney, the laid back pug. We spoke with his owner, Enrico, to find out more about what makes his presence in the office so important.

Name: Rodney

Breed: Pug

Age: 8

Daytime spot: the Tech Department

Favorite food: Steffen’s (co-worker) Homemade ‘Dog-Treat’ Jerky

Best trick: Supersonic snoring capabilities

Hobbies: Napping

Owner: Enrico

Rodney has been an office dog since his early days, but when Enrico and his family relocated to Berlin his former employer did not permit dogs. It wasn’t until Enrico began working on getting Glispa’s new HQ ready that he thought about bringing Rodney to the office. Soon, everyone got to know Rodney, and his loveable ways made him a permanent member of the tech team.

Having Rodney around has several benefits, including a better work-life balance for Enrico. Because Rodney doesn’t need be dropped-off or picked-up at a sitter, Enrico can be more flexible, getting into work a bit earlier or staying longer. It also means that he has more time to take his daughter to Kindergarten in the morning.

Of course, Rodney’s presence isn’t just of benefit to Enrico: “With Rodney around it’s very easy to start conversations, he just puts people at ease.” Whenever someone is having a bad day, he’s always there to offer moral support and help people relax a bit. And it’s not just Enrico who says so: over the past couple of years, different studies have also shown the same thing. The Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that employees who brought their dogs to the office experienced lower stress levels throughout the work day and had higher levels of job satisfaction.

So for that, we say thanks Rodney—keep on snoozing!

Rodney, the pug, with sun shining down

Stay tuned, we’ll be introducing the next Glispa Pup soon!