Office Mascots: Introducing Kaiser

Dogs in the office_Kaiser

It’s time for our second Office Mascots feature of 2017! In this series, we explore how dogs in the office have affected the workplace culture at Glispa Global Group’s Berlin HQ. In the past, we’ve interviewed Claudia about her lovable lab, Enrico about the tech department’s laid-back pug and Dora about her office charmer. Today, we’re excited to introduce: Kaiser, the softest, fluffiest Venezuelan poodle in Berlin. We spoke with his dad, Carlos, to find out why his presence in the office makes such a difference.

Name: Kaiser

Breed: Poodle

Age: 15

Daytime spot: Tech Department, Helpdesk Area

Favorite food: Popcorn and salami sticks for dogs

Best trick: Giving both paws (sometimes desperately for food)

Hobbies: Begging for food, barking at neighbors, playing with his rubber chicken toy at home, and also going to the beach or the park

Owner: Carlos

Carlos says that one of Glispa’s greatest benefits is allowing dogs at the office: “it’s something many animal lovers who work at an office most of the day have dreamt about.” When it came down to deciding whether he should bring Kaiser to the office, Carlos considered Kaiser’s age. Since he is 15 years young, it would be nice to keep an eye on him during work hours. However, Carlos also made the decision to bring his pup in to work after meeting all of the other awesome 4-legged coworkers in the office. “I thought that introducing a fluffy white poodle would definitely make the pack even cooler.” And Kaiser certainly did boost the cool factor of our gang of office mascots.

We also asked Carlos what type of benefits he experienced by having Kaiser at his side all day. He says that discipline, stress relief and being able to observe and learn how your dog thinks makes having Kaiser in the office a stimulating and fun experience. Also, having Kaiser by his side creates an open door for others to approach him more easily—“of course mostly to the dog, not me,” Carlos laughs.

But Carlos’ favorite part of having Kaiser in the office is that he gets to see everyone’s smile when this soft cotton ball stops by their desk with ‘sad’ eyes asking for food. “It’s a nice experience to see everyone have fun interacting with Kaiser and you can tell he enjoys the attention too.” It’s also great for some of Carlos’ coworkers who want a dog but for some reason or another they can’t, so they take the advantage of our residential pups, like Kaiser.

We believe dogs in the office noticeably improve workplace morale and boost creativity and productivity. Carlos says that having Kaiser in the office has been great for stress management, which, in turn, has boosted his productivity. “Having a few minutes to connect with a friendly, furry face during a busy work day really helps to clear your mind and is also helpful just for your overall well-being. Plus, I get to benefit from sharing funny dog stories with my other coworkers who also bring their best friends to the office every day.”

And it’s not just us who think these 4-legged beings should walk among us at work. Over the past couple of years, different studies have shown a positive impact of including dogs in office culture when it comes to improving morale, reducing stress and spiking productivity.

So thank you Kaiser for boosting our productivity and focus at work, but also for making our hearts smile.

Stay tuned—we’ll be introducing the next Glispa Pup soon!