Glispa in Focus: Meet Associate Business Development Director in China, Hokey

Meet one of our international mobil experts at Glispa, Hokey

Welcome back to Glispa in Focus, where we introduce our dedicated team of international mobile experts! We’re showing you who our Glispa employees are, to give you a better idea of the great minds we have here, and to show you what it’s like to work at Glispa Global Group.

We’re continuing our blog series today by introducing Hokey, an Associate Business Development Director at Glispa.




Associate Business Development Director



Which global office:

Beijing, China

Where are you from?

Dalian, China

What brought you to Glispa?

I first heard about Glispa from some of my old work colleagues who’d been hired by the company. I really admired their upbeat spirit and the positive attitudes they had once they joined the team. And thanks to them, I began to look more into the company and its culture. Soon, I found an opportunity to work at Glispa and seized it without hesitation.

Tell us a bit about your responsibilities.

As part of the sales team, I look for prospective partners and clients. I explain the benefits of working with Glispa and simultaneously make sure the advertising budgets they spend with Glispa are successful. My role touches several aspects of the business; it’s sort of a mixture of sales, legal, finance, operations, technical support and product management. It always keeps me busy—which is why I like it so much.

What do you like best about working at Glispa?

Everyone is focused and driven at work, which is inspiring and motivating. Also, we don’t have to deal with office politics or the limitations brought on by a strict hierarchy. Lastly, I am provided enough time and energy to pursue my career goals and things I am most passionate about, on a professional and personal level, which is very meaningful to me.

Tell us about a significant achievement at Glispa you are especially proud of.

I am proud of developing our presence in China’s mobile non-gaming market and subsequently seeing the Chinese client verticals grow from focusing strictly on mobile games to covering almost all verticals in China’s domestic market.

What’s your personal highlight on a normal day at Glispa?

My personal highlight is when I gain the trust of a new client and they decide to work with us. Also, when they find Glispa is able to deliver on what they’re looking for in a short amount of time, like quality users for example, and subsequently decide to increase their budget, it makes my day.

What makes someone the right fit for the Sales team?

The high-level attributes we look for on the Sales team are the ability to be client-oriented, business-minded and confident. They should be cognizant of our traffic sources as well as our products, and when it’s possible to easily scale a campaign, it’s important to be able to lead a client through this process independently. We look for go-getters who are highly detail-oriented and analytical so they can properly guide and support clients.

Finally, what’s your weekend tip for Beijing?

I would highly recommend Beijing Hutongs. Most of Beijing is similar to other large, modern cities all over the world. However, Hutongs in Beijing are these narrow streets, or alleyways, that are unique and reveal an older, antique Beijing. Plus, they are packed with many bars, restaurants and studios which are hidden treasures, just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re interested in working with Hokey and the rest of the team in our Beijing office, we’re hiring for a Director of Business Development in China. Learn more about the position and apply here.

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