Throughout history, advertising has always been about awareness. However, the proliferation of mobile devices and the multitude of new ways to consume advertisements has meant that engagement is the new king of the advertising world.

Advertisers now have a wide array of methods to engage with consumers including through interactive/playable ad formats and highly targeted ad campaigns that take into account interests and previous purchases.  

At Glispa, we see 2018 as the year or engagement and personalization and we have two products that will help us move in that direction. These products provide our clients with an end to end solution that engages their target audience, achieves and exceeds KPIs and ultimately leads to more active users across their apps.

Playable Ads

Interactive and playable ads were found to be the 2nd most popular ad format in 2017, topped only by rewarded video:



This shows, audiences are more open to engage with an ad if it looks and feels like a real game than seeing a standard banner ad. What is the reason behind this? Is it because people naturally love to play games? Or is it a new fresh and engaging format that is unique and different? Our bet is that it is both. Even if it’s an ad, people react better to a game invitation. While delivering a better user experience, playable ads also help drive performance, both in terms of CTR & CVR, but not limited to it. When people engage with an app before downloading it, results show that the overall retention and ROAS is higher.

While people are more likely to accept playable ads, what about advertisers? If people are more engaged before downloading an app, they are likely to become loyal clients of your brand – and as a result, your audience LTV increases. In addition, the brand doesn’t get associated with disruptive advertising that could create antagonism. Even better, the ad itself is perceived as cool and fun. Even if people didn’t download the app, they leave the ad experience with a positive view of the brand.

With Glispa Create and Glispa Perform, we combine our experienced performance marketers with our cutting edge designers to create engaging playable ads for our clients. These formats deliver measurable and scalable results through ongoing rounds of optimization. More than that, our in-house media team manages these campaigns and buys transparent media – giving you all you need to introduce highly engaged users to any app.


While playable ads create experiences that make brands more appealing and engaging for people, retargeting does the same by leveraging the vast amounts of data Glispa and our clients have on their audience. With our unique retargeting capabilities, we re-engage your existing users with interactive ads.

According to eMarketer, the most critical moments of re-engagement are the 24 hours after an app is first used. Here, most users disappear. It’s challenging enough to convince people to install apps, but that’s not where the job ends for us as mobile marketers focusing on engaging audiences. statistic

Mobile retargeting is beneficial to user retention and re-engagement. By utilizing dynamic interactive/playable ads with your retargeting campaigns, you are able to increase impressions, lower abandonment rates and drive people to return and further engage with your app.

Connect the dots

The future is now. We can now create a campaign targeting people who stopped using your app, whether it be by pausing your game at a certain level or leaving items in their shopping carts on the verge of checking out. A playable ad can assist them in passing that level and ultimately re-engage them with your app. This is the vision we’ve already made possible, building our solutions while leveraging our vast experience in the mobile performance ecosystem.