Glispa Partners with Mission Kongo Once Again to Help Build a School in the Congo

Glispa helps Mission Kongo build a school in Congo

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we found ourselves wanting to thank our partners and clients for their continued support throughout the year. However, instead of sending gifts across the globe, we decided to help children living in communities in need as a way to give back.

We connected with our long-term charity partner Mission Kongo e.V., a charity based in Germany which helps orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) get the education they deserve. State-run schools in the DRC receive little to no funding from the government, meaning parents need to pay for their children’s education. As a result, only around one third of children attend school. Orphaned children, without the support of parents, have virtually no chance to get the head start in life they so badly need.

This is set to change for a group of around 210 children living in the capital, Kinshasa. Mission Kongo e.V. is building the Lycée Magnificat, a school providing 3 preschool and 4 primary school classes once its first phase is complete. This is a completely sustainable project, as proceeds from the school’s tuition fees will go towards supporting various scholarships, allowing children across the country to receive the financial support they need to attend school, both at the Lycée Magnificat and in other schools.

Currently, the project is 75% funded, and we would like to encourage others to contribute whatever they can via Mission Kongo e.V.’s page this holiday season, to ensure that the community of Mitendi, Kinshasa, has something to look forward to this holiday season. We at Glispa provided one of the first investments needed for the school’s construction and are looking forward to the groundwork being laid this coming spring, with the intention of starting the first classes in 2018.

Our partnership with Mission Kongo e.V. stretches back almost 2 years, from raising money to support scholarships via a company run to donating laptops to helping finance an internet cafe in Kinshasa. We are extremely proud of everything Mission Kongo e.V. has done to help the children of the Congo, and are extremely grateful that, through our on-going partnership with them, we can help to make a real difference in underprivileged children’s lives, both this holiday season, and throughout the year.

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