Office Mascots: Introducing Lily

Meet Glispa Office Mascot, Lily

It’s time for the next Office Mascots feature where we discuss how dogs in the office have affected the work environment at Glispa Global Group’s Berlin HQ. Previously, we’ve interviewed Claudia about her lovable lab and Enrico about the tech department’s laid-back pug. And today, we’re excited to introduce: Lily, the will-love-you-forever-if-you-rub-her-belly office charmer. We spoke with her owner, Dora, to find out more about what makes her presence in the office so important.

Name: Lily

Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 16 months

Daytime spot: In the “dog corner” next to Barnaby (her brother—another pup we’ll soon feature)

Favorite food: Pig ears and mini “canapes”

Best trick: She would do anything as long as you have treats on you. She particularly loves shaking paws.

Hobbies: Play ‘catch me if you can” on a daily basis for hours with her best friends. Don’t be fooled by her tiny legs, she is fast!

Owner: Dora

We’re fortunate to host dogs that aren’t only unique, but get along very well with everyone they meet and, together, make a great additional team in the office. Lily is an adopted rescue dog from Russia who recently joined her four-legged office companions in Berlin. Dora had been looking to adopt a dog for a long time but felt that it wasn’t fair if the dog would have to stay home during work hours. But thanks to the open dog policy here, Dora could adopt Lily knowing she’d be able to give her the attention she deserved.

Since joining, Lily has been a core part of Dora’s team and, in many ways, has brought them closer together. When asked about the benefits she sees in her daily work life, Dora says, “Lily brings positivity, focus and connection into my days. Thanks to her, I have even more daily structure, with integrated breaks which allow me to boost my energy, be more effective and see things more creatively and efficiently.” We asked Dora to talk about some of the other impacts she’s seen from bringing Lily to work:

Reduced stress: “Knowing Lily’s adoption story, I find myself more appreciative of everything and not sweating the small stuff. This, in turn, helps me keep focus on the most important things—even on a hectic day. We’re fortunate to have found each other.”

Better communication: “My coworkers stop by for no reason, engage in conversations regularly and open up much more quickly when they stop by to play with Lily. She sort of breaks the ice.”

Higher productivity: “Thanks to her, I regularly take 2-5 minute breaks to either walk her around or just keep her entertained. This allows me to clear my head, reprioritize and distance myself from the screen for a bit so I can come back more productive, refreshed and energized to work.”

Creativity: “With Lily around, I learned to see things from a different angle, which not only helps me better understand my environment, but pushes me to think outside of the box, which is an important part of my job.”

And it’s not just us who’ve noticed it. Over the past couple of years, different studies have shown a similar impact of including dogs in office culture. A recent survey featured on Inc. revealed that when you have dogs in the work environment, employees reported improved morale of 88%, an 86% reduction in stress and a 67% spike in productivity. The best part? These survey findings extended to those who didn’t have a pet but still enjoy the benefits of having their colleagues’ dogs in the office..

So for that, we all say thanks Lily! Keep on boosting our productivity at Glispa!

Stay tuned, we’ll be introducing the next Glispa Pup soon!