Glispa in Focus: Meet One of Our Data Scientists, Vanessa (Video Interview)

Meet Vanessa, a data scientist at Glispa

Welcome back to Glispa in Focus, where we introduce our dedicated team of international mobile experts! We’re showing you who our Glispa employees are, to give you a better idea of the great minds we have here, and to show you what it’s like to work at Glispa Global Group.

We’re continuing our blog series today by introducing Vanessa, a Data Scientist at Glispa.




Data Scientist



Which global office:

Berlin HQ

Where are you from?

Toronto, Canada

What brought you to Glispa?

I started out as a freelancer here at Glispa, and was introduced to the company through a friend. After working on the client side of mobile marketing for some time, I was interested to work in ad tech again as there are a lot of interesting data science projects there. After a few months, we decided to change my contract to a full time position, which has definitely proved to be the right move for me.

Tell us a bit about your responsibilities.

As a data scientist, I derive actionable insights for the Product team via data exploration, analysis, and modelling. Based on my findings, I implement algorithms that optimize the company’s ad serving technology, to help drive revenue uplift.

What do you like best about working at Glispa?

Working in data science is the kind of job which requires continual learning. I use my mathematical background every day and face a variety of challenges - solving them is the best part of my job! I also love the talented and driven team, and the small benefits that make a difference: free fruit, yoga classes, and the huge range of teas!

Tell us about a significant achievement at Glispa you are especially proud of.

I’ve quickly integrated with the Avocarrot by Ampiri team, the native programmatic exchange who joined the Glispa team this year. I’ve been working together with them to increase revenue by creating optimal bid floors on their platform, allowing the users to set minimum prices for the ad inventory in their apps. After just a short time we already have the basic architecture built, in addition to, initial results from two different algorithms.

What’s your personal highlight on a normal day at Glispa?

On a day to day basis, my highlight is the feeling of satisfaction when your code is working and you start getting some interesting results and make new discoveries. On a project basis, it’s when you see the results of your work positively impacting other departments within the company, when your tools allow people to make better decisions.

What makes someone the right fit for the data science team?

You definitely need to be a quick learner and a logical thinker, and if you want to join Glispa’s data science team you need to be friendly, too! Generally, experience in ad tech is helpful, as it’s quite a unique industry, and if you know how to implement algorithms in production systems, you’re set!

How do you think your role as a data scientist has evolved in the mobile world over the past few years?

I think there is more focus on data scientists becoming “full stack”, meaning that they are not only producing interesting analyses or fancy models, they are also able to create, test, and implement solutions that will run efficiently on production systems. This means there is much more collaboration with developers and work in interdisciplinary teams across the organisation.

I also think there is more emphasis on data scientists proving their worth. They should do much more than just R&D, their goal should be to prove their worth by driving revenue uplift and creating actionable results. These results come from not only having a concrete understanding of your own projects, but also scope on how the company works as a whole and where more opportunities for growth can be created.

Finally, what’s your weekend tip for Berlin?

Running or walking through Tempelhofer Feld, the massive former airport field in south-central Berlin.

Find out more about Vanessa in our video interview below!