Glispa in Focus: Meet Head of Publisher Distribution in North America, Bryce

Meet one of our international mobile experts at Glispa, Bryce

Welcome back to Glispa in Focus, where we introduce our dedicated team of international mobile experts! We’re showing you who our Glispa employees are to give you a better idea of the great minds we have here, and to show you what it’s like to work at Glispa Global Group.

We’re continuing our blog series today by introducing Bryce, the Head of Publisher Distribution in North America at Glispa.




Head of Publisher Distribution, North America


Client Services

Which global office:

San Francisco, California

Where are you from?

Brooklyn, New York

What brought you to Glispa?

Upon researching and learning about Glispa, I was very attracted to their global reach, reputable brand and growth potential within mobile ad tech. I was also very interested in learning about the fast-growing mobile industry and working in a completely different market. What solidified my decision to join Glispa was when I met and spoke with the team and management as it was clear we would work well together.

You were just promoted to Head of Publisher Distribution, North America. Tell us a bit about your new/additional responsibilities in this role.

In this new role, my responsibilities now include:

  • Growing and mentoring our publisher management team

  • Working strategically with my counterparts in Glispa’s 6 other offices

  • Taking an active role in publisher target setting and quarterly team deliverables

  • Leading strategy & execution to scale the number of US Publishers using our Native API

  • Taking on an active role in strategic coordination with the HQ demand team and supplying them with US market insights and account planning strategy

What do you like best about working at Glispa?

I like how every day there’s an opportunity to learn something new and I like working in a fast-evolving industry. I also really enjoy collaborating with all of the other Glispa offices; not many companies are able to give you such a strong international experience in foreign markets.

Tell us about a significant achievement at Glispa you are especially proud of.

I’m proud of the opportunity that was afforded to me of opening our San Francisco office with our General Manager, Nancy Roberts. It’s been incredible to be a part of growing our now-thriving team, and finding success in a challenging and competitive market.

What’s your personal highlight on a normal day at Glispa?

What I always consider a personal win is when I am able to help my team and contribute to our collective success. Of course, driving high volumes of GP doesn’t hurt either. :)

What makes someone the right fit for the Client Services team?

For someone to be considered the right fit for my team, they must be highly motivated, energetic and always willing to learn. This industry moves very fast and things shift daily. A strong team member should be flexible and resilient to accommodate to these types of conditions.

What unique challenges do you encounter in your everyday work in the US mobile ad tech market?

The US market is considered one of the most competitive markets in the world. Our clients and publishers have a lot of options for user acquisition and traffic monetization solutions. We welcome the challenge of showing how Glispa stands out among the rest in order to attract and work with premium publishers who bring unique traffic sources.

Finally, what’s your weekend tip for San Francisco?

Take advantage of our weather and the outdoors! We have a number of amazing parks, beaches and outdoor beer/food gardens, which always call for a good time. We also have some of the best restaurants and food (arguably in the country).

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