Glispa in Focus: Meet Our Director of Trading Desk, Ara

Welcome back to Glispa in Focus, where we introduce our dedicated team of international mobile experts! We’re showing you who our Glispa employees are, to give you a better idea of the great minds we have here, and to show you what it’s like to work at Glispa Global Group.

We’re continuing our blog series today by introducing Ara, Director of Trading Desk at Glispa.



Director of Trading Desk

Media Buying

Berlin HQ

Montreal, Canada

What brought you to Glispa Global Group?
Back in 2013, I was hired to build Glispa’s internal mobile media buying team from scratch, which was exactly the type of challenge I was looking for at the time.

Tell us a bit about your responsibilities.
My main focus is to drive our team’s mobile media buying strategy and assess new supply side opportunities. Besides managing my team, I am constantly testing new traffic sources and working closely with my colleagues to adjust our strategies. Another part of my role involves collaborating with the account management teams to help them meet key priorities.

What do you like best about working at Glispa?
The people and the flat hierarchy. Glispa provides a very open environment where individuals are encouraged to develop their own projects and collaborate with other driven colleagues. We’ve had the chance to work with our data science team to look into audience building capabilities and have started to also work with our native monetization platform, Ampiri, to look into automation from the publisher side of things.

Tell us about a significant achievement at Glispa you are especially proud of.
Experiencing the team grow from one person to a team of 7 media buyers ranked within the top 5 largest publishers for Glispa. Despite the app install market getting more challenging, as we are focusing more and more on post install quality, and meeting our client’s KPI’s, we have managed to scale our volume significantly compared to last year.

What’s your personal highlight on a normal day at Glispa?
The excitement of getting a new traffic source or campaign to explode profitably at scale! The harder the campaign, the greater the satisfaction.

What makes someone the right fit for the Media Buying team?
An analytical individual with an entrepreneurial mindset. Besides their interest for data and testing, a media buyer should also be creative in order to come up with new angles when it comes to campaign strategies. The role is quite versatile as you also need good relationship building and negotiation skills when dealing with your supply partners and clients.

What’s your weekend tip for Berlin?
Berghain or other techno clubs in case the bouncer Sven thinks your black clothing isn’t black enough. Even if techno isn’t your thing, it’s a part of Berlin culture which you should experience at least once. For the quiet weekends, Berlin is great for foodies as you can find nearly any type of cuisine, interesting fusions or food markets.

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