Glispa Global Group Enhances Tech Team with Principal Architect

Glispa Global Group Enhances Tech Team with Principal Architect

Glispa Global Group, the global mobile ad tech company, is expanding its engineering team as it seeks to continuously deepen technology integrations within the company. Today, Glispa is excited to welcome Stéphane Gamard to the team. Stéphane is from Switzerland and joins our Berlin HQ.

Stéphane (36) joins Glispa Global Group as Principal Architect, bringing with him more than ten years of experience in data engineering. In the role, he will facilitate advanced software integrations within Glispa’s proprietary technology suite, with a focus on managing the company’s huge amounts of data, amounting to over 1 petabyte of raw data per month, gathered from over 1.5 billion user profiles across the globe.

As an experienced senior architect and engineer with a passion for data and a background in cognitive science, Stéphane’s goal at Glispa is maximum automation, scale and speed through a single, unified and efficient tech stack. He was previously Senior Principal Architect at cloud-based visual analytics platform iCharts in Silicon Valley, and prior to that, Data Architect and Developer at SonarSource in Switzerland. As a serial entrepreneur, Stéphane has set up multiple software companies in the past and holds a Master of Science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.

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