Connecting the mobile space with smart tools

A powerful platform that connects mobile network operators and manufacturers with their customers in the mobile ad space. As global mobile app downloads and ad spend continue to increase, this is a unique opportunity for MNO’s to enhance their digital inventory and generate new revenue streams.

Intuitive dashboard

Featuring a UI that makes powerful tech accessible, we give you the tools to launch targeted, event based push campaigns and customize your own apps.

Glispa Discover will strengthen your brand’s presence in people’s daily lives.

All advantages in one place


Great user experience

Latest offering tools include native ads, videos, push notifications, smart folders and more

Telco Grade Technology

Our system is planned for high availability and robustness. We are built with redundancy and we handle high load with industry best practices

Comprehensive analytics

Analyze your user funnel to see what they experience and react online with an easy-to-use admin

End-to-end management tool

Leverage segmentation, flexible UX flows, and promote your own or third-party services


New revenue streams

Monetize on something you’re already doing, whether it’s in-house campaigns or 3rd party apps

Premium channel

New distribution channel for apps, brands and retailers, enabling them to acquire the most valuable users in the carrier’s safe environment

Enhanced experience

Let your customers explore and discover new content via Native UX, handling device and OS compatibilities. Removing bloatware concerns and preloading content for easy and smooth usage

+ Combine Solutions

Create compelling and engaging playable ads for higher conversion and better user experiences

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Run your secure Glispa Discover campaigns which are supported by Glispa’s powerful tech and team of experts. In addition, take advantage of the local and global demand from Glispa Perform to help you scale

Connected solutions.

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