A creative solution for making the most powerful and engaging ads.

Creative Factory aims to be the best rich media ad creation platform available today. It exposes the full creative power of HTML5 in an efficient, time-saving work procedure.

Mobile devices continually change, gaining more and more capabilities and computing power. Creative Factory is geared at harnessing this power in a coherent way that allows you to create once and deploy in ALL environments.

Drag and drop, preview on device, templates, and open canvas mode are the building blocks of Creative Factory, with widgets and actions to replace coding. Creative Factory aims at being the solution of choice for creative professionals without sacrificing ease of use and simplicity.

Why Creative Factory?

Instream or outstream, vertical or landscape, instant play or user generated, VAST or VPAID. We support them all. Any video can be interactive in seconds.

Building blocks granularity and ready-made widgets are available. Creating any geo location ad is simple and intuitive.

Moment-based advertising goes a long way in mobile. Using live data to change the creatives in real time is important to create the most personalized message.

Cross-screen, Flip screen, IAB standard and Rising Stars formats are all supported formats within Creative Factory. Choose among multiple screen options to run your cross-device campaign.

A/B testing is one of those features that once they become part of the day-to-day workflow, results keep getting better.

Glispa Creative Factory API Pro


Unlock Infinite Creative Possibilities

For those with advanced skills and needs, API Pro opens up the possibility to design anything you can envision. By far the strongest and most feature-rich API in creative tech, API Pro lets you easily access and modify hundreds of functions and extensions of all widgets and actions offered by Creative Factory.

Written in JavaScript, API Pro embodies an endless amount of copy / paste code snippets that allow you to quickly deploy new functions.

Data and Analytics Dashboard

Drive Performance with Data-Driven Ads

Assess results as they happen, understand how people engage in your ad, and optimize to better the user experience on spot, all in one place.

  • High level data in charts and widgets
  • Detailed data in CSV format
  • Heat-Map to view customer journey
  • Firehose integration to 3rd-party dashboards
  • Custom events tracking
  • Ad performance benchmarking services
  • A/B testing for every ad
Glispa Creative Factory Analytics
Glispa Creative Factory eyeMagnet


Fight Banner Blindness

Designing a multi-layer ad isn’t necessarily the perfect solution to all scenarios. Neither are static banners. We launched eyeMagnet, a completely automated tool that enables even absolute beginners to create ads that stand out.

In a few quick steps, you can add engaging effects to your static banners, galleries or videos, thus making sure that your audience can’t ignore you. In various verticals, eyeMagnet improves conversions by X3 as targeted people notice the ad and the funnel grows exponentially.

RFP Winner:100% Managed Service

Fast and tailored solutions

Choose from diverse managed services: From an outsourced production team to selected ad hoc activities, we’ve got your back. All services are optional since our offering is SaaS based.

Our team of experts can help you develop storyboards and prototypes, create ads, monitor your campaigns, optimize your ads, achieve KPIs, and provide post campaign analysis. All you need in terms of creative tech services can be outsourced to us.

RFP Manages Service

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All advantages in one place




Template Area



Offer premium formats

Create premium placements

Template formats

Seamless SDK / Ad server compatibility

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Formats supported by Glispa Connect


Self-service drag and drop

Variable based dynamic creative

Tag generator

Firehose RT data reporting option


Offer creative easily

Full HTML / MRAID tag support

Full managed services option

Engagement based optimization

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Formats supported by Glispa Connect


Multiple Teams per Group

Customized reporting and analytics


Self-service / Managed service /3rd party

Programmatic / Direct media support

Enhanced engagement data

3rd party measurement / Fraud detection / Analytics ready

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Formats supported by Glispa Connect


Playable Ads

Detailed engagement oriented reports


Engaging ad formats

Learn user behaviour

Full service option

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Formats supported by Glispa Connect