The Challenge

South Korean-based DoubleU Casino is an interactive online and mobile casino available on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Having worked with Glispa successfully on sustainable campaigns dating back to August 2016, DoubleU Casino presented Glispa with a new challenge on a special Halloween themed iOS version of the game. The leading game development studio was looking to acquire premium users during a special Halloween promotion for the US market, leveraging high-quality supply to scale delivery within a specific, 11-day period.

The Solution

Glispa’s strategy in approaching the campaign, which ran over the course of 11 days, was threefold:

  • Glispa partnered with DoubleU to determine the campaign’s KPIs, of which ROI was the most important. A KPI stretch-goal was implemented: the desired increase in ROI for this campaign, compared to previously-run campaigns, was increased to 15%.
  • Glispa used its local expertise to consult DoubleU on what would maximize their most important KPI—ROI, specifically for the US market—by bringing in the highest quality users. Glispa embarked on an intense bid optimization strategy across +20 Publishers to ROAS targets would be met in a limited flight period. Glispa gave recommendations on the best timeline for the campaign, covering the two weekends before Halloween and ending once Halloween was over.
  • Continuous granular monitoring and optimization of event data linked back to placement specific traffic sources resulted in choosing only the best ROI sources for DoubleU.

The Results

Glispa’s dedicated account team and proprietary technology guaranteed the delivery of first-rate users from premium publishers.

  • 11 day ROI increase of 24%, far exceeding the 15% target set, compared to previous sustainable campaigns executed for this same client, due to smart optimization and selected premium direct inventory from publishers.
  • The average revenue per DoubleU user (ARPU) increased by over 45% and the number of purchases per install increased by 40%, due to the high quality of the new Glispa users.
DoubleU Casino Statistics

“Glispa proved to be a first-rate partner for our seasonal campaign. Their service level is excellent and we really came to rely on their local expertise in the US market. It was a challenging time frame but together we were able to drive great results!” – Mary Kim, Mobile UA Manager at DoubleU.