Garena and Glispa Team Up: Cross-Channel Campaign on Arena of Valor

This piece was originally featured in Bahasa Indonesian via GamesHub.

Recently, Glispa and Garena worked together on an ad campaign for its newest game Arena of Valor (AOV). The marketing strategy was to bring together offline and online marketing elements to achieve their user acquisition goals. Offline AOV ads on billboards adorned the streets of Jakarta and all of Indonesia. Which is why for mobile marketing, Glispa helped Garena to ensure that mobile users who match the target market of AOV games download and play the game. In its mobile strategy, Glispa not only aimed at increasing traffic to the Google Play Store, but also focused on user engagement. Gamehubs recently had the chance to talk to Helen Chang, User Acquisition at Garena, and Julie Huang, Senior Business Development Manager - SEA/IN at Glispa, about the execution of the cross-channel strategy for Arena of Valor in Indonesia. Here is the interview with both of them in full length, it’s worth the read!

Could you explain the specific target market of Arena of Valor?
Julie: Arena of Valor is active in many markets in Asia, and across these markets it shares a similar type of demographic to which it appeals. In Indonesia, as in other countries in which the game has been promoted before, the targeted user is male, 13 - 35 years old, and a mid/hard core gamer.

I saw many billboards of Arena of Valor in the centre of Jakarta. Actually, for the similar game, it is very seldom to do, for a game company, doing offline marketing like AoV done. What is Garena’s reason to do cross-channel marketing with Glispa? What made you so sure to do this?

Helen: At Garena we believe that massive exposure across channels, including ATL and BTL, can increase awareness effectively in short period of time. Indonesia is a special market, we find that people still pay attention to billboards and outdoor LEDs when they’re stuck in traffic or are in crowds on the road. And given the fact that not many games advertise out-of-home (OOH) at the scale that we do, it helps us to stand out and impress gamers as well. This worked well when we launched the title in Taiwan and Hong Kong, running OOH campaigns together with our mobile campaigns with Glispa. So, we decided that in Indonesia, we would to embark on a cross channel campaign to really raise awareness of the title and make a big splash.

Do Garena and Glispa also doing offline marketing in the other big cities, such as Jogja, Denpasar, or Makassar? If so, what are the cities and how is the feedback from the market and how is the result from this offline marketing activity?

Helen & Julie: On top of running similar campaigns (such as billboards and ads on cars) on a smaller scale in cities other than Jakarta, we also organized community events in many cities including but not limited to Jogja, Denpasar and Makassar. We believe that community events are a good way to strengthen the local community in a more in-depth way. We are seeing good response from them and other cities even inviting us to come. On top of this, we will be launching partnerships with Telkomsel and Indomaret, which Indonesians across the country can make use of, so stay tuned!

For the online marketing of AoV itself, right now I see that it also relies on YouTube content, if you compare, what is your (Julie Huang’s and Helen Chang’s) opinion about this offline and online marketing? Which one is more success and more influential so far?

Helen & Julie: The two types of marketing are complementary. When we do offline ads, we see better performance from online ads including higher conversion rates and better retention rates, which we believe is due to higher brand recognition. Online marketing has the distinct advantage that it is measurable. What we really wanted to achieve was a good balance between a sustained and targeted mobile campaign, run by Glispa, through which we could measure a return on investment, and a highly-visible offline campaign, in which we remained top-of-mind with consumers through traditional offline advertising, enhancing both brand value and brand recognition.

What does Glispa do to create user engagement for the Arena of Valor video game?

Helen: We partnered with Glispa for an exclusive campaign in which they promoted the game to mobile users throughout Indonesia, increasing the number of players in the game. Glispa launched hundreds of partners to ensure they would be able to deliver high-quality traffic within Southeast Asia. In addition, Glispa was able to provide Garena with high-quality creatives. As an established player within the region, Glispa have been running campaigns across SEA for a while, so they know what kind of creatives work best for these games in the region.

Beside Billboard, which is an ATL in offline marketing, does Garena/Glispa also do BTL strategy for AoV? If so, what have you done?

Helen & Julie: As mentioned above, we do a lot of offline events to engage with local communities.

Compared to other countries, what do you guys think about the Indonesia’s market uniqueness in mobile game?

Helen & Juli: We find that Indonesians tend to following Western trends. International gaming titles are very popular and gamers in Indonesia are strongly attracted by free rewards, as compared to other Southeast Asian companies in which we have launched titles before. For example when we do some free hero giveaways, people will actively discuss it and we can see improvement on user retention in-game.

Can you share with us the total active players and total download that you guys have recorded for this AoV, especially the total players from Indonesia? How many?

Helen: We cannot disclose this information, however, you can see that we have been in position no. 3 in the Overall Gaming charts on Google Play since mid-August.

In the future, what is Garena’s and Glispa’s new strategy for AoV promotion?

Helen: Glispa is one of our most trustworthy partners as they are always able to deliver the results they promised. Despite the fact that we work in different time zones, they are still very responsive to our requests and always keep our goals and KPIs in mind to give professional suggestions. We will keep working with them to build up our user base, after that, Glispa will help us focus on user quality, including the retention rate.

Do Helen Chang and Julie Huang also play AoV or other game? If so, what is the title of video game that you guys play? And what is your favourite character in AoV?

Helen & Julie: Helen loves the mage in AoV, Krixi is her favorite hero, while Julie prefers Violet. We have so many heroes in-game that everyone can find their true hero to fight for glory with your guild in AoV!