The Benefits of Yoga at the Office

Glispa’s residential yogis experience a range of benefits from doing yoga throughout their week

Glispa Yogis sitting, meditating

Glispa began offering free yoga classes in June 2016. We have an in-house yoga instructor, Claudia, who leads several classes per week for our yogis (and aspiring yogis) in Berlin HQ.

Now, we’re fortunate to practice four times a week at a quaint, local yoga studio just a convenient few steps from the office. We decided yoga would be a great perk, not just because it is hip and trendy, but because it is a healthy, inclusive option for everyone in the office. There is a mountain of evidence to show that yoga can lead to an increase in wellbeing and productivity in the workplace—and people of all ages and levels of physical aptitude can pick it up. We sat down with Claudia to talk about some of these benefits.

Physical benefits

Attending yoga gives your body a healthy break from work. Many of us sit, or rather slouch, at a desk for hours on end. A study from AIS discovered that 62 percent of respondents from a survey pool of 2000 employees find they have work-related neck pain at the end of the day. While we may notice the affects on our neck and back, few of us do anything to address this until it’s too late and you end up at a chiropractor. Andrea (one of the office yogis) says, “taking a yoga break during lunch helps me feel refreshed going into the afternoon. It also helps me remain conscious of my posture and I can really feel a difference.”

Mental benefits

There are also positive mental benefits to practicing yoga during your work week. It’s easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole with a big project or important meeting on the horizon and this can affect your work more than you’d think. AIS also reported that 80 percent of employees feel stress at their job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage it. By incorporating yoga before, after or during work hours, you are able to take a moment for yourself away from the desk and just focus on remaining present. In the end, with regular practice, you’ll have created an internal toolkit for stress management.

Everyone can do it!

At Glispa, we pride ourselves on providing benefits that fit the different aptitudes of our employees. We have more intense sporting events, like rowing in a dragonboat race, and more relaxed, inclusive options like yoga. Through this, we’ve been fortunate to build a close knit community within the company that continues to grow (and stretch) together.

Claudia hopes the practices and teaching of yoga will resonate with her coworkers even outside of the studio. If it’s just a few minutes throughout the work week that you can spare, it’s still valuable to stop, focus on your breathing and check in on your physical and mental well-being. Your mind and body will thank you!