With the proliferation of mobile over the past few years, advertising has become more about data and less about creativity. While there is no doubt that data is the engine powering mobile advertising, we often forget that creative is what really captivates people.

The stakes are high: If underplayed, creative can sincerely harm your ad experience. If done right, it has the power to truly impact people – just like a good TV commercial. Creative can breathe new life into tech-driven advertising, and lift the performance of any user acquisition and retargeting campaign.

So what does an effective creative ad consist of? Three things:


1 Diverse formats

Diversify your ad formats and you can present them in more sites and apps. Remember to take into account the creative limits and possibilities each one entails. In Interstitials, for example, you can leverage the wider space to arrange elements such as logos, CTAs, products or prices around the “eye journey” to a certain business goal. GIF animations, on the other hand, can circumvent the limitations of small banner sizes by dividing the information into animation frames, which makes them more dynamic and visually stimulating. With a playable ad, the user is thrown directly into an adventure and begins interacting with the app itself.


2 Various images and sizes

Carefully consider which color, font, and imagery to use in order to appeal to different demographics and audiences. On top of that, the balance between calling for attention and not being disruptive can reflect the success or failure of your ad. Native ads perform well as they are subtle, while large interstitials can have a positive effect because they are impossible to ignore.


3 An authentic language

There are many things to consider in the way you speak to mobile audiences. Want to appear local but also sustain international freshness? Then allow yourself to mix languages but keep in mind to convey the essentials in the local language. Nothing is less relatable than coming into contact with an ad in a language you don’t speak. Closely related to that: unintentional grammatical errors that can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your campaign. Pay special attention to cultural differences when you are directly translating your message.


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Alon Boneh

Distribution Business Development, Team Lead | Glispa

Alon has been working in the ad tech industry for the past three years and is an expert in everything having to do with mobile monetization, distribution channels, and business development. He is one of the hardest working team leads you’ll ever meet, and sees innovation and entrepreneurship as the building blocks of his business perspective and approach. His personal philosophy is “If you want to change the world - start off by making your bed in the morning”.

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