Mobile advertising is a fast-paced and increasingly sophisticated industry. With several key players—from app developers to global agencies and brands—everyone is looking to find the most effective and efficient ways to reach their target audience. Together, we will continue to aim for a positive, unintrusive experience and pave the path toward a more honest industry. The first step toward achieving this is to empower your team with the right set of ad tech tools customized to create and optimize the impact of your mobile strategy.

At Glispa, our people and tech set us apart, providing a transparent and trustworthy line of communication with our partners, which is why we define our approach with 4 core pillars.

Glispa Pillar - Technology


With a decade of experience in the advertising industry, we’ve built our own technology specifically for the mobile consumer in mind. We understand how to reach the demanding targets set within a saturated and competitive environment. Our sophisticated solutions work alongside each other to make it simple for brands, agencies and publishers to create real connections. Expect more revenue channels, better engagement and cooler, more interactive ads.


At our core, we’re about building relationships—both with our partners and their consumers. Glispa’s global teams provide full support to not only provide the best solutions, but the best experience as our partners execute their mobile strategy. We understand that this level of trust extends to their target audiences, which is why our product suite is tailored to create more value for the user.

Glispa Pillar - Trust
Glispa Pillar - Transparency


In a sea of over-promising and under-delivering, Glispa’s tech and teams are thoughtfully crafted with transparency top of mind. It’s important to us to have a clean line of communication when it comes to delivery, progress and expectations from all players involved. To put it simply, Glispa offers our partners the autonomy of control and visibility across all of our products.


Products are amplified by people, and at Glispa, the most effective tech is brought to you by the most experienced and dedicated team. With employees in multiple countries speaking various languages, and offices in Berlin, Cyprus, BarcelonaSan Francisco, Bucharest and Tel Aviv, Glispa combines an experienced global workforce with local market expertise.

Glispa Pillar - Team

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