Glispa Global Group - The Global, Mobile Ad Tech Company that Guarantees Results

Mobile advertising is the best way to reach your customers in a world increasingly connected through mobile devices. We have the technology, experience and local expertise to offer mobile advertising solutions to players across the ecosystem. On the demand side, advertisers benefit from our global profile to acquire customers worldwide from user acquisition campaigns through the Glispa Performance Network. On the supply side, our native monetization platform Ampiri allows app developers and publishers to monetize their apps with 100% transparency and control. Proprietary technology underpins all our campaigns, with our data management platform (DMP) providing actionable insights that support all of our solutions.


Who we are

Glispa Global Group is a global mobile ad tech company empowering clients to activate global audiences and move markets. Headquartered in Berlin with offices in Beijing, Bangalore, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Athens, Singapore and Sao Paulo, Glispa employs a multinational team representing 45 nationalities speaking 32 languages.


What we do

We provide a full range of solutions for app developers across the mobile advertising ecosystem. The Glispa Performance Network provides user acquisition solutions (gBoost, gPerform and gNative) while our native monetization platform Ampiri helps publishers monetize their ad inventory with 100% transparency and control.


Our clients

We have the experience and the proprietary technology to offer advertisers and app developers the results they expect. Our consistent focus on quality optimization, alignment with client KPIs, and our local market expertise makes us the number one choice for a broad variety of clients.

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