2017 Trends in Ad Tech: What Can We Expect?

Mobile Ad Tech trends 2017, from Glispa experts

Two years ago, the use of mobile devices worldwide exceeded the use of computers for the first time. Since then, the gap has been growing steadily. Every second person now turns to their smartphone after first waking up. In 2017, mobile will overtake desktop for the first time when it comes to advertising expenditure. However, this is is not just a new era for revenues. The technical possibilities also have far more potential and thus offer new ways for brands to get in touch with their customers. As 2016 comes to an end, our mobile ad tech experts discuss the five most important trends that will drive the mobile advertising market in 2017:

Programmatic Conquers Mobile Native Advertising

"More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of all things programmatic. Programmatic methods, such as real-time bidding, are becoming more popular. In particular, mobile programmatic native ads are taking over the screens of users. The main challenge facing the advertising industry, however, is to drive fast technical adaptation of standards, which must be accompanied by a willingness of advertisers to integrate a programmatic native offering into their marketing mix.”

– Robert Wildner, VP Media Operations

Big Data Becomes Smart Data

"Target group segmentation based on smart data will increase in importance and bring more benefits to all parties involved. Publishers deliver better content in their ads, advertisers reach their customers more precisely, and customers themselves enjoy a user experience tailored to them. However, truly meaningful data is not valuable in quantity alone. Above all, it must be enriched, analyzed and combined with other sources, such as environmental, location, behavioral or sensor-related data."

– Dora Lakatos, VP Global Business Development

Virtual and Real Worlds Intertwine

"Pokemon Go has demonstrated the power of a successful combination of augmented reality and the offline world. The VR and AR revolution makes it possible to get the most out of mobile advertising. It is location-based, active, interactive and social in one. Whether it’s poke stops or coupons on offer when you walk past a store: in-game ads with a local twist have the potential to bring users back into 'real' shops."

– Philipp Neuberger, COO

Native Advertising Formats Become More Diverse

"Whether it’s desktop or mobile: consumer ad blindness is becoming an ever greater challenge. This is why publishers want to use new advertising formats that offer added value, orient themselves towards user behavior, are unobtrusive and have impact. The perspective needs to move away from the device and towards the person behind the device. Native ads have now firmly established themselves as an alternative and will continue their triumph with new formats. I expect budgets for mobile native video ads and ‘playable ads’ to grow in 2017."

– Conno Christou, co-founder of Avocarrot by Ampiri

Messengers Win the Race for Users

"Snapchat, WeChat and other messenger-based platforms will snatch away user activity from e-mails and even social networks like Facebook. When it comes to attracting the attention and loyalty of millennials, they will establish their position as a first stop for brands. This will also have a lasting impact on mobile marketing. Chatbots, for example, will have a prominent role as a marketing channel."

– Jaeson Hildebrand, SVP of Client Services and Business Development